Gas Safe Register

Ensure your gas connection and devices are checked, or serviced, by a UK registered engineer by telephoning the Gas Safe Register authority on: 0800 111 999 (emergencies) or 0800 408 5577 (non-emergencies)

The Gas Safe Register is a comprehensive and authorized list of British gas engineers. Overseen by local health and safety bodies, the organization succeeded CORGI in 2009.

With cold winters a frequent reality in Britain today, the need for qualified expertise in servicing the boilers, pipelines and equipment vital to both households and businesses is huge. Thankfully, the men and women comprising the Gas Safe Register bring their vital knowhow in an industry whose demand is set to continue for decades to come.

With a proven record of finding and prosecuting illegal ‘cowboy’ operators working with home and commercial gas equipment, Gas Safe Registers presence remains as important as ever.

Telephone numbers

If you are confronted by a gas emergency then you can contact the Gas Safe Register on their emergency telephone number: 0800 111 999.

Or, if you live in one of the following regions of the UK, then you can phone the Gas Safe Register on one of their emergency numbers:

  • The Isle of Man – Call: 01624 644 444
  • Northern Ireland – Call:  0800 002 001
  • Jersey – Call: 01534 755555
  • Guernsey – Call: 01481 749000


If you are calling the Gas Safe Register with an enquiry that does not qualify as an emergency, then you can phone them on one of these telephone numbers: 0800 408 5577 or 01256 650 005.

Technical support

You can also contact the Gas Safe Register to request technical assistance over the telephone, the numbers are:  0800 408 5577 or 01256 650 005.


To lodge a complaint by telephone you can call the Gas safe Register, on: 0800 408 5500.

Postal address

For those of us who are literate, but not computer literate, and want to avoid expensive phone charges, the postal address for the Gas Safe Register is as follows:

The Gas Safe Register
PO Box 6804
RG24 4NB


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