Geek Squad

Phoning the Geek Squad on their technical support contact number 0370 111 6565 to receive specialised computer support over the phone or arrange an appointment with your very own geek at a store near you.

Geek Squad is the computer maintenance subsidiary of the American electronics retailer Best Buy, specializing in repairs of both computer hardware and software.

Operating for more than twenty years, Geek Squad have continually sought to provision advice and effective servicing to computers which are operating incorrectly. Equipped for rendering services both in-store and remotely in house calls, Geek Squad’s workforce comprises of well over 24,000 employees who also work hand in hand with sales teams.

Best Buy’s Geek Squad continue to be a prospering owing to a thorough work ethic and the continuing ubiquity of computers in everyday modern life.

Geek Squad phone number

Whilst much of their maintenance work is carried out in their stores they also provide technical support over the telephone – you can obtain this service by contacting them on 0370 111 6565 – Geek Squad’s technical support helpline number.

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