Genes Reunited

Plant the seed for your family tree by phoning Genes Reunited on: 020 7608 8360.

Genes Reunited is a website which consults census and miilitary records to aid individuals in compiling family trees and researching long lost relations.

Founded as a spin off from the famous Friends Reunited enterprise, Genes Reunited has taken on a prominent place for those interested in their family tree and assembling ancestor profiles through research. The website today thrives upon the expertise of both company employees and an online community already experienced in piecing together information.

In a field which attracts so many dedicated enthusiasts, Genes Reunited’s professionalism has proven a profitable and valuable service.

Telephone numbers

Genes Reunited only accept phone calls for matters relating to the press. They have two telephone numbers listed on their website for these purposes: 020 7608 8360, or 020 7608 8342.

Postal address

The office address for Genes Reunited is as follows.

Genes Reunited,
The Glebe,
6 Chapel Place,
Rivington Street,

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