Get Me In: 0333 321 9988

Contact the Get Me In customer service help team over the phone by calling this number: 0333 321 9988.

Before calling though, they ask all buyers and sellers to check their FAQs and don’t pester them with any unnecessary questions!

If you really need to contact Get Me In other than via the phone number above, you have two options as follows.

  1. The easy way: using their registered postal address. Who uses paper mail these days? They obviously don’t want you to bother them. Anyway, their address is: GET ME IN! Ltd, PO Box 68685, London, N1P 2XH.
  2. The hard way: phone their parent company, Ticketmaster UK. They will probably say they can’t help with Get Me In enquiries but if you press hard enough they may let you speak to someone senior who has authority to represent Get Me In seen as that’s one of their subsidiary companies.

What is Get Me In?

Get Me In is an officially regulated market run by Ticketmaster to offer last-minute tickets for concerts, festivals and other popular events.

The website aims to provide a fair service in a market which is often accused of unfair practices such as scalping – purchase and subsequent resale of tickets at a sizable markup. Get Me In seeks to regulate sales and payments heavily, offering a secure platform whilst encompassing the biggest upcoming shows and acts.

With live shows and concerts ever-popular even at high prices, Get Me In’s combination of urgency and good service have proven a winner in a competitive market.

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