Gigs and Tours' performers GigsAndTours has a 24-hour ticket sales hotline – the phone number is 0844 811 0051.

If you need customer service, for example to make a change to an existing booking, phone GigsAndTours’ Customer Service department on this number: 0844 858 6750.

Contact Customer Services Online here if you wish to make an enquiry about your existing order.

GigsAndTours is the official web outlet of two of the UK’s most prominent concert and event promoting bodies: SJM Concerts and Metropolis Music.

An award-winning informational website, much of GigsAndTours focus is on providing concert and event goers with dates and places of performances. Covering all manner of events from standup comedy to pantomime to world famous musicians, GigsAndTours has a decisive and dominant presence for many concertgoers in the UK.

Making revenue through sales referrals and approved stores as well as advertising certain selected shows, GigsAndTours has seen strong growth as a concert tickets retailer and looks set to continue its growth for years to come.

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