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Share your dating stories with Global Personals by phoning their customer support telephone line on: 01753 271280.

Global Personals is one of the UK’s fastest-growing dating websites. Launched in 2003, the business has in scarcely more than a decade grown to occupy a prominent position within a competitive sector.

Despite having once been accused of fraud regarding the internal manufacture of false accounts, Global Personals has grown to become a popular choice for dating enthusiasts. Since incurring reputational damage, the website has recovered its market position and has sought to responsibly report successes whilst improving the services on offer.

Presently part of a network of dating, friend finding and general relational websites, Global Personals is today a prospering and successful enterprise.

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Phone Number

Global Personals run a popular blog with various posts about successful dating stories, and tips for those who are about to embark on their journey in online dating. If you would like to contribute material for their blog, or share your dating story, then you can contact Global Personals by telephone, on: 01753 271280.

Postal address

You can also, if you so choose, contact Global personals via their postal address, which is as follows:

Global Personals Limited,
Minton Place,
Victoria Street,
SL4 1EG.

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