As an online referral and information service, the GOV.UK website (formerly known as Directgov) does not have its own telephone contact details. However, they do have links to the contact details of the various government departments and organisations they dispense information about.

If you need to get in touch with the developers of the GOV.UK website, that would be the Government Digital Service (on behalf of the UK Cabinet Office), you can Tweet them on @gdsteam or phone the Cabinet Office on 020 7276 1234.

GOV.UK is the British government’s venue to dispense information, advice and general knowledge for citizens regarding departmental operations.

Covering a vast number of services offered by the many divisions which comprise the UK’s government, GOV.UK was begun as an evolution of the Directgov platform which sustained criticism due to perceived flaws. Presently GOV.UK contains news, job postings and vast amounts of information on individual government departments.

Constantly updated, GOV.UK is the latest attempt by Britain’s government to collate, organise and present the horde of information in aid of representing its own operations.

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