Government Gateway: 0870 042 0477

Government Getaway is a portal and registration service that helps people living in the UK to access the online services of Government agencies. Therefore, as an online referral service, they do not have their own telephone contact details. However, you can find the telephone contact details of a multitude of other Government agencies via links from their website. Alternatively contact HMRC on 0870 042 0477 as they are the government department that oversees the majority of Government Gateway services.

Government Gateway is a registration website in which individuals can impart their personal information in aid of their using UK government services online.

The recent desire by the British government to merge all its various departments and services into a single, unified online interface. To this end the government have enabled registration by British citizens. With an eventual intent of expanding the use of registration, the UK government hopes a sizeable portion of visitors will sign up to its Gateway website.

Despite still navigating hurdles involved in presenting itself online, the government continues to tackle such matters with enthusiasm.

Contact Government Gateway on 0870 042 0477 for technical support whilst using their range of online services which allow you to reach different agencies run by the UK government.

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