General Pharmaceutical Council

Should you wish to speak with an advisor at the General Pharmaceutical Council over the telephone you can contact them using phone number 0203 713 8000.

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) is an independent regulator of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working in the UK.

As well as approving the very qualifications upon which the pharmaceutical professions stand, the GPhC is charged with licensing individuals and maintaining standards throughout the industry. The Council also has a measure of educative, regulatory and advisory function over working practices within pharmacies and laboratories in Britain.

Given the importance of regularly dispensed medications in modern Britain, the GPhC’s role and function in the health of society at large remains decisive.

Telephone numbers

The GPhC’s telephone number for all general enquiries is 0203 713 8000.

Alternatively you can contact the GPhC’s London-based head office team on: 020 3365 3400.

Postal address

General Pharmaceutical Council,
25 Canada Square,
E14 5LQ

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