You can contact the Graze customer service team by emailing

They don’t offer a customer service phone number to contact them on, but they reply to every email that they receive.

Graze is a healthy snacks company. It was founded by seven friends, tired of the monotony of most snacks on sale.

Uniting great tasting food with healthiness and an ability to mass manufacture, Graze has managed to introduce ninety different options to its range. The individual involvement of all the original founders have encouraged unceasing growth in the business, which prides itself on the quality and variety of its goods.

Leading the way in healthy eating versus the ongoing obesity epidemic across the Western world, Graze has struck a chord amongst more health conscious consumers.

Contact details

You can get in touch with graze by email, the contact form on their website, or by post.

Email address:

Phone number: N/A (there isn’t one for customer service)

Postal address: Graze, Palm Court, 4 Heron Square, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1EW, United Kingdom.

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