Unfortunately, Hailo don’t have a customer service phone number.

Hailo Cab

If you’ve left something in the taxi, your advice is to press the “call driver” button in your app if it’s within the 1 hour window where that button exists (assuming it’s not your phone you’ve lost); else email support@hailocab.com with a copy of your receipt (assuming you still have access to your email account) and they’ll contact the driver on your behalf in an attempt to recover your lost property.

What is Hailo?

Hailo is a mobile and tablet application which acts to summon a licensed taxi. Dubbed an ‘evolution of hailing’, Hailo received broad financial backing in aid of a large scale launch.

A simple yet effective way for people to find a cab, since its launch merely a few years ago Hailo has taken off as a worldwide and multilingual application. Designed to remove the need for a phone call and the inconvenience that can sometimes entail, Hailo acts as an effective tool to inform participating cab drivers.

Free for users to download on Google Play and Apple’s iStore and operating across dozens of cities worldwide, Hailo demand and purpose is well established.

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