HMRC: 0870 042 0477

Contact HMRC on 0870 042 0477 for information about and queries relating to: Tax Credits, Income Tax (incl. Self Assessments), National Insurance and Capital Gains Tax.

If you’re having trouble getting through because the queues are long, try again between 2pm and 5pm on weekdays as this is when HMRC’s offices are most full and have more people to handle their phone calls.

HM Revenue and Customs

With an annual budget of 4.1 billion HMRC is a non-ministerial UK Government department that is responsible for collecting taxes, distributing certain state benefits and administering the national minimum wage. They were formed in 2005 through a merger of Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise and the Inland Revenue.

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs collects its revenues from a variety of sources:

  • Income tax – A tax paid by individuals/companies, according to how much money they earn/profit they make.
  • Corporation tax – A tax paid by companies, calculated according to their profits.
  • Capital gains tax – A tax on the profits generated through the sale of investments of property.
  • Inheritance tax – A tax paid by a person who inherits estate, money or assets.
  • Indirect tax – For example: VAT, excise duty. These are taxes, typically collected by a retail store, and then forwarded to HMRC.
  • Environmental taxes – Including air passenger duty.

HMRC operates a Pay As You Earn scheme (PAYE), this means that HMRC calculates your tax bracket – and therefore how much tax you pay – according to how much you earn: the more you earn the higher your tax bracket, and therefore the more tax you pay. Your tax will be automatically taken from your salary – usually by your employer –  and paid to HMRC.

Top 10 reasons for phoning

  1. If you suspect you have paid too much tax you should call HMRC after the end of each tax year (April the 5th). When you phone them you can request that they re-calculate your tax bracket and refund any amount that you are owed.
  2. If you are new to the country you should call HMRC to apply for a National Insurance number and inquire about the Direct Payment Scheme.
  3. You should phone HMRC if you are an employed and want to inquire about which tax code an employee should be placed in, or to find out how much National Insurance they should pay.
  4. If you have inherited estate or assets you should phone HMRC to get information and advice about how much inheritance tax you should pay.
  5. Phone HMRC’s tax credit helpline, if you feel you are on a low income and feel you are entitled to tax credits.
  6. You should phone HMRC if you have a new business and would like information and advice about how to pay income tax on it.
  7. You can ring the VAT helpline, below, if you would like information about your rights concerning VAT, or would like to complain about how much you have paid.
  8. Accountants call HMRC on a regular basis to gain information and advice about a customer’s tax details. They get to use a special phone number that the general public are not supposed to use. Any non-accountant who uses it will have their call ended immediately.
  9. You can call Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs to report fraud. Types of fraud that they receive calls about include: benefit fraud; non-payment of VAT; deliberate non payment of duty or tax on cigarettes, alcohol; tax evasion; suspicion of money laundering.
  10. You can contact HMRC to get information and advice on special tax relief schemes if you are a charity.

HMRC Contact Numbers

Contact HMRC on 0870 042 0477 for information about and queries relating to: Tax Credits, Income Tax (incl. Self Assessments), National Insurance and Capital Gains Tax. You can also phone either of these numbers to notify HMRC of a family member’s death and get information about how to administer their estate. They also answer questions and advise about the amount of tax you should pay on a business if you are self-employed.

General Enquiries: 0870 042 0477

Tax Credit Helpline: 0345 300 3900

VAT Excise and Customs Helpline: 0345 300 3900

National Insurance Queries:  0300 200 3500

Income Tax and Self assessment:  0300 200 3300

Many of the HMRC contact numbers have changed over the last few months. Whilst some of the 0845 numbers remain in use, the new 0300 and 0345 contact numbers will be replacing them over the next few months.

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