Homeswapper: 01905 361 500

We are not aware of the existence of any dedicated contact number for Homeswapper, however, you can contact their parent/owner company Housing Partners on this phone number: 01905 361 500.


Homeswapper is a company specialising in the exchange of council homes. Throughout its time operating, the firm has been involved in moving more than 25,000 separate tenants.

Though the housing market was vastly privatised in the late 1980s, the government nevertheless continues to own and provision many residences to individuals and families. Homeswapper intends to facilitate convenient moves for families wishing to upsize, downsize or relocate for varying reasons such as work.

Having gained a good reputation as a home matcher and impartial mediator, Homeswapper continues to render a successful and appreciated service to council tenants.

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Address: Housing Partners Limited, Whittington Hall, Whittington Road, Worcester, Worcestershire, WR5 2RY, England, UK

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Housing Partners Ltd is the registered company name that Homeswapper operates under!

Address: Teme House, Whittington Road, Whittington, Worcester WR5 2RA

Phone: 01905 361 500

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