HSBC: 01226 261 010

Contact HSBC for financial advice or for telephone banking services on their UK customer service helpline on this telephone number: 01226 261 010.

HSBC’s customer support team offer help over the phone with their extensive range of bank accounts, lending and credit options and personal & business banking products.

HSBC is one of Britain’s largest multinational banking and finance conglomerates. Tracing its roots back to British colonialism in China, the bank today is highly globalised.

Retaining a lasting influence in Asia as per its heritage, HSBC nevertheless has come to enjoy a prominent place in British banking. Like almost all large finance firms, the company suffered deep monetary and structural blows in the wake of the 2008 recession. Nevertheless the firm has emerged profitable owing to its strongly international focus.

Among the first companies to embrace globalisation, HSBC remains prominent in savings and loan and various investments in dozens of nations around the world.

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