HWDC: 0843 504 7203

Contact HWDC via Royal Mail customer services by phoning 0843 504 7203.

Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre (HWDC) is one of the UK’s biggest sorting offices for international mail.

Under tight observance by British security officials and professionally trained Royal Mail personnel, the international mail arriving in Britain is vigorously organised and delivered within a tight timetable. Since opening in 2003, the modern distribution office has become one of the successes of the Royal Mail enterprise.

Using modern technology alongside professional human labour, the HWDC in Langley is one of the most vital arteries of the British postal service.

Contacting HWDC

It is often said that HWDC cannot be contacted by telephone – confirm this for yourself by phoning the national Royal Mail Customer Services helpline on this phone number: 0843 504 7203 or 0345 774 0740.

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