International Air Transport Association (IATA)

The International Air Transport Association have offices throughout the world. You can telephone their UK office on their London number: 0207 660 0068.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the world’s trade authority for aviation firms. Most of its influence extends over the ever-expanding industry of international passenger and freight air transport.

Formed in pre-communist Cuba at the close of World War II, IATA has become an important overseer of an industry which has seen non-stop growth and advancement for decades. Provisioning advice on standards of safety as well as simplification of the bureaucracy and operations procedure surrounding flights, IATA’s role remains pivotal for the air industry.

Financially strong in its own right owing to expert consultancy and engineering expertise, IATA’s standing as a global avionics authority remains.

Telephone numbers

The IATA have two numbers on it’s website, for:

Travel and cargo agents, call – 0207 660 0068
Airlines, call – 0800 026 7301

Postal address

Metro Building
1 Butterwick
W6 8DL

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