The contact page on the company website lists a telephone sales department, which can be contacted on: 02 036 843 774.

Iberia is the official national airline of Spain. With a history dating back to the very beginnings of commercial aviation, the modern company is today an important European carrier.

Presently at the centre of consecutive expansions to airport infrastructure in its headquarters’ city Madrid, Iberia remains pivotal to Spain’s vision for prosperity. As a nation Spain thrives on tourism, having grown from the isolated dictatorship of Franco to an important and respected European destination in scarcely 40 years.

With more than 70 planes and employing thousands of staff, Iberia today stands at the forefront of development crucial to Spain’s economic standing.

Phone numbers

The official Iberia website only mentions one phone number, which is for telephone sales. People are discouraged from calling this number for other reasons, such as to make a complaint, or to inquire about lost property. Instead the website has online forms where you can make your views heard, or inquire about your mislaid item.

The telephone number for Iberia, as listed on the company website is: 02 036 843 774.

Postal address

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