The UK offices of the American IT consultancy IBM are based in Warwick, the West Midlands. Their telephone contact details are: 01926 464 000.

IBM (the International Business Machines Corporation) is one of USA’s oldest and most prolific modern computing companies.

Present from the forerunners of computing technology, IBM remains one of the most gigantic entities promoting and developing digital computing. With a massive workforce exceeding 400,000 people, IBM’s legacy as the architect of some of the world’s earliest and most pivotal computers continues in spite of competition from newer tech firms in the U.S. and abroad.

Holding its place amongst the top private research and product development entities for almost a century now, IBM remains the giant at the very centre of the computing revolution to this day.

Phone numbers

IBM have a range of telephone numbers listed on their website, each for a specific purpose or customer. We have listed some of these phone numbers, below, but please be aware that the list is not exhaustive.

General Enquiries – Telephone: 0870 542 6426

Retail – If you are an individual who wishes to purchase, or enquire about one of IBM’s products, then telephone: 0800 169 1458

Business – If you would like to purchase an IBM product or enquire about IBM consultancy for your business, then telephone: 08700 102 516

Large Enterprise – If you are looking to purchase IBM services or products for large-scale business, government agency, or educational company, then telephone IBM’s easy access service on: 08705 440 055

Postal Address

UK Head Office
IBM United Kingdom Limited
PO Box 41
North Harbour
P06 3AU

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