Purchase tickets or access the latest travel information by phoning the Icelandair customer service team, on:  020 7874 1000.

Icelandair is Iceland’s chief airline, headquartered at Reykjavik, the country’s capital city.

Although Iceland is among the least populated countries in Europe, its foremost airline nevertheless maintains a fleet of twenty aircraft. Operating since before World War II, Icelandair is equipped with the expertise of years of experience. In recent times Iceland has become a tourist destination, increasing Icelandair’s importance to the small country.

Having recently put in an order for new, modern jets Icelandair’s place as an avionics firm stands only to continue strengthen with time.

Telephone number

Whilst the information and enquiries section of Icelandair’s website is divided into several sections – each one with several sub-sections – they only list one phone number. Callers to this phone number will presumably be directed through several layers of automated phone lines, before they can access the department they want to speak to.

You can call Icelandair on their customer service phone number:

020 7874 1000

Postal Address

Icelandair UK and Ireland Adam House
2nd Floor 1 Fitzroy Square

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