Ideal World

Ideal World’s Customer service team can be contacted by telephone on: 0871 712 3456.

Ideal World is one of Britain’s foremost television shopping networks, offering numerous goods via it’s four television channels aired via Cable and Freeview.

Hoping to entertain and encourage customers into buying its many offerings, Ideal World retails in all manner of goods. As well as attire and jewellery, the company has diversified into numerous self-created brands of furniture, garden equipment and even memorabilia and collectables.

With more than two million shoppers already part of the firm’s success, Ideal World continues to carefully oversee all of its products in the interest of continued good standards.


Ideal World’s contact details

Phone numbers

General Customer Service telephone number

Ideal World’s website advertises their Customer service telephone line as: 08717 123456

Their website also lists the above number as the correct telephone number if:

  • you want to register a change of address/and, or, payment details
  • for refunds and returns
  • to question or query delivery timings of purchased items

Complaints telephone number

However the website lists a separate number for use if you are calling the company to complain about a product that you have purchased. This number is: 0330 3321300

You should be aware that, as it’s charged at local rate, this telephone line is cheaper than the general customer service number. So make sure you call this number if you are ringing to lodge a complaint about a product.


The most expensive Ideal World telephone line is their Orderline, which charges 20p a minute.

Postal address

You can write to Ideal World at the Peterborough head office – this is the address:

Ideal World,
Ideal Home House,
Newark Road,
PE1 5WG.

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