iGO4: 0843 506 0476

Should you wish to speak to iGO4 customer services about your existing insurance policy with them, simply call 0843 506 0476 or 0344 800 8538.

If you’re a prospective new customer, call the sales helpline for a quote on freephone 0800 783 6040.

iGO4 is a British insurance company which has split its various offerings into several distinct brands. Today it accepts thousands of new policies and customer claims every week.

Aiming to respond to customer’s increasing use of price comparing websites, iGO4 is at the forefront of driving down prices whilst keeping its service a quality one. Having long since diversified its offerings to precision, iGO4 enjoys a steady level of customers both loyal to the firm and brand new.

Priding itself on its honest and no-nonsense approach to car, home and van insurance, iGO4 stand at the forefront of the UK’s modern insurance market.

iGO4 Contact Numbers

New customers

Prospective customers of iGO4 should call this freephone number to enquire about opening home, car or van insurance: 0800 783 6040 – this is iGO4’s quotes hotline.

Existing customers

Should you wish to speak to the iGO4 customer service department, simply call 0843 506 0476 or 0344 800 8538

If you are an existing customer of iGO4, and would like to call them to enquire about opening a new insurance scheme on a vehicle or property, then call the same customer service helpline on 0843 506 0476 or 0344 800 8538.

Note that this used to be a semi-premium rate 0844 number but since industry regulations have changed it is now required by law that all companies provide a local-rate (01, 02 or 03) phone number – or freephone number (0800, 0808 or 0500) is even better – for post-sale customer service purposes.

If you would like to renew an existing insurance scheme then phone iGO4, on 0344 800 8539.

Note that this number also used to be advertised as an 0844 number.

Making an insurance claim

TO make a claim on your iGO4 home insurance, car insurance, van insurance or windscreen insurance, phone the dedicate claims hotline on this freephone number: 0800 008 6709.

Postal address for iGO4 customer services

iGO4 – Customer Services Manager,
iGO4 Limited,
Olympus House,
Staniland Way,
PE4 6NA,
United Kingdom.

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