Does IMVU Customer Service have a contact telephone number?

IMVU don’t formally offer customer service by phone – you’ll find no number listed on their website. In fact their Live Chat support isn’t even available to standard customers, you have to be a VIP user to access that level of customer service! It seems any form of real-time consultation comes at a premium, so if you need help fast your best bet is to search their FAQs and if you can’t find what you’re looking for you’ll have to compromise on speed of solution unless you’re happy to upgrade to VIP status in which case you can then access Live Chat support.

At least that’s the aim of IMVU. But here at we don’t tolerate hidden helplines. We’ve done extensive research to bring to you the phone number of IMVU – this number may not be suitable for customer service, but if you fancy your chances, give it a go and call IMVU – their phone number is 001-1650-231-4688 (USA number, so international call costs apply).

About IMVU

IMVU is a social entertainment company which places users in virtual, fully customisable 3D avatars as a means of representation online.

Having built a decisive level of success based around a straightforward artistic idea, IMVU now lists millions of items for people to peruse on its catalogue. Heavily backed by Californian venture capitalists, the company gained plenty of traction for juxtaposing attributes of social media with conventional shopping.

Holding more than 100 million user accounts, IMVU’s place as a firm with a unique take on online shopping has proven its worth.

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