Insure and Go: 0843 506 0472

If you would like to speak to a member of Insure and Go’s customer service team then call their UK head office on 0843 506 0472 or 0207 748 8593.

Insure and Go (styled as InsureandGo is a British travel insurance company providing various tiers of policy to all types of holidaymakers.

With a selection of coverage aimed between the very relaxed holidaymaker to those enjoying a thorough action packed adventures, Insure and Go has taken the initiative with travel insurance. Detailing its competitively priced policies online and via the phone, the company is underwritten by Mapfre, one of the world’s largest insurers with well over 160 million beneficiaries across the globe.

Bringing a modern yet straightforward approach to travel insurance, Insure and Go continues to adhere to the regulatory rigour that is part and parcel of their market.


Insure and Go phone numbers

There are three telephone numbers listed on the homepage of the Insure and Go website. In large green font on the menu bar, at the top of the homepage is an 0330 number. The number, which is not titled, is: 0330 400 1383.

The homepage also lists two more numbers, both of are for the purposes of calling a specific team:

  • Customer service – phone: 0207 748 8593 (this number takes you through to the same destination as 0843 506 0472)
  • 24 hour medical assistance – phone: 0207 748 0060

A separate page on their website also lists several other telephone numbers, which you can use depending on your reason for wanting to call. See summary, below:

Travel insurance

Inquire about buying travel insurance or speak to a member of the Insure and Go team about an existing travel insurance scheme by phoning: 0330 400 1383

Make a claim on your travel insurance, by phoning: 0330 400 1235

Mobile phone/tablet insurance

To inquire about an existing insurance policy, phone: 0330 400 1383

To make a claim on an existing insurance policy, phone: 0333 999 7916

Car insurance and car warranty

Inquire about your Insure and Go car insurance policy, on: 0330 400 1201

Discuss your car warranty policy with a member of the Insure and Go team by phoning: 0330 400 1263

Make a claim on your policy: 01179 308806


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