Interlink Direct: 0843 504 7174

Track your Interlink Direct deliveries by phoning parent company Geopost on 0843 504 7174. this number is suitable for general enquires – call now to speak to an Interlink customer service representative.

Interlink Direct is a parcel delivery company which operates its own personal network. It is a highly efficient service operating through a total of 99 depots across Britain.

A subsidiary of logistics giant Interlink Express, the company has constructed itself around an ethos of efficiency and convenience. Offering pick-up services for clients large and small, Interlink Direct has fast become one of the quality players in the ever-growing, ever-competitive private deliveries market.

Offering simplicity with its own app together with online payment and processing, Interlink Direct has positioned itself amoung the most modern and straightforward of package deliverers.

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