The iOffer website does not provide any telephone contact details, instead it directs customers to contact their customer service team, via the email address, below:

iOffer is an online marketplace which acts as a venue for almost any conceivable product. It’s a place to buy, sell and trade, quite like eBay or Alibaba.

Much of the firm’s success is in acting as a low-cost intermediary between manufacturer and customer.

Founded in 2002 in San Francisco, for well over a decade iOffer has stood at the forefront of Internet retail trade. Whilst its competitors were occupied in the auction market, iOffer instead opted for the more traditional negotiation and bartering approach familiar in physical marketplaces.

Continuing to perform swift year-on-year trading, iOffer is now focusing its efforts on making its website easier to use whilst protecting customers from fraud.

Postal address

As well as not providing a UK telephone contact number iOffer do not give a UK postal address on their website. Therefore customers who need to correspond with iOffer by snail mail will have to use this US address:

P.O. Box 78191
San Francisco
CA 94107

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