Ipswich Borough Council

Ipswich Borough Council’s telephone contact details are as follows: 01473 432000.

Ipswich Borough Council is the local governing authority for Ipswich, an English town located in the county of Suffolk.

An experienced and longstanding council, the town’s authorities have nevertheless modernised their services in keeping with modern technological advances. Its website offers a booking service for collection of bulky waste or unwanted goods, whilst also offering tickets to some of the town’s most noteworthy artistic and cultural events.

A generally well thought of entity, Ipswich Borough Council has for decades provided and overseen essential public services to the town’s residents.


Telephone numbers

Ipswich Borough Council’s website offers a comprehensive directory of services, which are organised from A-Z. For many of these services a phone number is not provided; instead customers are expected to fill in an online form and wait to be contacted by the relevant customer service team. However, phone numbers are provided for a number of their services, some of the most popular of which are listed, below:

  • Housing Benefit – telephone : 01473 432700
  • Council Tax – telephone: 01473 433910
  • Housing – telephone: 01473 433370
  • Environmental issues – telephone: 01473 433115
  • Domestic Waste – telephone: 01473 433090

Ipswich Borough Council’s General enquiries number is:

01473 432000

The Out of hours emergencies telephone number, which all residents of council accommodation should be aware of, is as follows:

01473 433444


Postal address

Ipswich Borough Council,
Grafton House,
15-17 Russell Road,

The telephone directory and call routing service