Islington Council

This busy borough of London is home to two prisons (Holloway and Pentonville), a vibrant art scene, and a population of over 200,000. Contact the council on: 020 7527 2000.

Islington Council is the local general governing body for the London Borough of Islington.

A largely residential zone, Islington is famous less for bustling commerce and more for its cultural and artistic roots. The borough’s council reflects this, overseeing and regulating numerous events together with the area’s museums and heritage areas. Rubbish collection, libraries, taxation and state-owned housing are also overseen.

Constantly aiming to give the area’s rich civic history and culture the celebration it deserves, Islington Council have nevertheless been praised for a reasonably efficient administration of public services over the years.

Telephone numbers

Islington Council prefer for customers to direct their queries comments or complaints through their maze of on-line forms, but still provide a few telephone numbers.

Some of the more important ones are listed, below:

General enquiries – Telephone: 020 7527 2000
Complaints – Telephone: 020 7527 3007
Adult social services – Telephone: 020 7527 8047


Islington Customer Centre
222 Upper Street
N1 1XR

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