Comment on, or complain about an ITV viewing experience by telephoning their customer service team, on: 0344 881 4150.

ITV (originally meaning Independent Television) is one of the principle terrestrial broadcasters in the UK. Received successfully after its launch in 1955, ITV today is one of British TV’s biggest players.

Originally conceived as a method of allowing commercial entities to break the monopoly held by the BBC, the ITV venture quickly established its own identity. Revenue streams were quick to grow due to the firm’s acceptance of adverts which presently air at roughly 15 minute intervals during programs. At present the company has diversified itself with several local subsidiaries.

Remaining a huge influence in entertainment and drama together with sport and daytime TV, ITV continues to hold a sizeable share of television viewers with millions tuning in on a daily basis.

Telephone numbers

Call ITV on either:

  • 0344 881 4150, or
  • 020 7157 3000

When you phone ITV you will be presented with a range of automated options. If you would like to speak to a member of the human race about your viewing experience then choose option 4. This will take you through to their customer service team.

Be aware that calling an 0344 number from a mobile telephone can be up to three times as expensive as phoning from a landline.

Their telephone number beginning with 020, above, is for their London studios.

Postal address

The London Television Centre
Upper Ground

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