You can call Jagex’s telephone support team on the following phone number: 0844 588 6690.

Jagex is one of Britain’s most well-recognised developers and publishers of online games. With over 480 employees, the company prides itself on its expertise in making addictive, fun titles.

Beginning life in the late 1990s at a time when online gaming was beginning to climb in popularity, Jagex quickly rose to prominence through its RuneScape franchise. Over recent years, the firm has received consistent praise for its working conditions and strong investment in its products. Starting in 2004 the company has undertaken a number of charitable fundraisers.

Having led the way in online gaming for 15 years, Jagex’s success and profits look all the more likely to continue well into the 21st century.


Telephone numbers

Some of the more frequent reasons for phoning Jagex are:

  • To inquire about their privacy policy
  • To get technical support for a game
  • To report a bug

You can contact them on: 0844 588 6690.


Postal address

Jagex Ltd.
220 Cambridge Science Park 
Milton Road


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