JCB (JC Bamford Excavators)


Should you wish to contact this Midlands-based, multinational company, you can call their UK telephone number: 0845 168 5950.

JC Bamford Excavators (JCB) is a British company specialising in the manufacture of numerous construction-related machinery such as diggers and loaders.

Founded in the post-war years, JCB has a long and abiding legacy as a manufacturer of tools and heavy vehicular machinery. Having long since expanded to the international market, the company now provisions equipment to developing nations such as Brazil and India, where construction of new infrastructure proceeds on a vast scale.

Employing more than 7,000 people, JCB presently enjoys a good standing in British culture together with an ever-growing presence across the globe.


Telephone number

Whilst the company have expanded way beyond their local and then national boundaries since their foundation in 1945,┬áthis now multi-national company has always retained it’s local links. JCB’s World Headquarters are based in Staffordshire, the county of the company’s birth. The telephone contact details for the company are: 01889590312.


Postal address

JCB World headquarters
ST14 5JP

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