JD Sports

The JD Sports Customer service team operate out of the company headquarters which are located in Bury. Contact them on: 0161 393 7055.

JD Sports is one of Britain’s foremost sporting fashion retail chains, selling a variety of trainers, football boots and accessories.

Founded in the early 1980s, JD has become famous for offering a wide range of designs aimed at capturing trade from both genders of a variety of age groups. A fixture in most of Britain’s large shopping centres, JD’s footwear offerings showcase dozens of prominent brands, making it a frequent first port of call for those wanting the best in sportswear.

In recent years the company has kept building its storefront portfolio with a series of acquisitions. In spite of stiff competition online, JD Sports continues to be a healthy firm.


Telephone numbers

Whilst the sales section of the JD Sports website is quite colourful and easy to navigate, the Customer service section is dreary and confusing. On the left hand-side is a series of queries you may have about your product, including: where is my order; delivery; returns, etc. By clicking on one of these ‘Frequently Asked Questions, ‘ you will be given advice or pointed in the direction of further action, for example ‘call the service team.’

Should you wish you could save yourself the effort of navigating their website and just  phone the JD Sports Customer service team directly, on: 0161 393 7055.


Postal address

Hollinsbrook Way
Pilsworth, Bury

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