JD Williams: 0870 183 0651

Make a payment, or speak to the JD Williams customer service team about a product by calling them on 0870 183 0651 or 0871 231 2000.

JD Williams, part of N Brown Group plc (also known as JD Williams Group), is one of Britain’s foremost direct home shopping companies, and part of a family of over twenty successful catalogue brands.

With roots going back 130 years to Victorian times, JD Williams has become an institution in British shopping. Among the first to employ long distance parcel mailing in what was initially a trade for exclusive clients, the firm today caters to a much wider range of customers. Today, the successful firm has assembled over two million happy customers throughout Britain.

With an eye to modernising JD Williams has in recent years shifted its brands online in addition to founding new ones to keep pace with changing tastes.

JD Williams’ modern ecommerce website specialises in plus-sized clothing for mature women, while also promoting a side-stock of mid-sized clothing and mens’ clothing in order to satisfy general consumer demand.


Telephone numbers

  • There are two telephone numbers listed on the JD Williams website. The first, on the header, is an 0871 number that appears above a section of small print warning of a 13 pence a minute calling charge. That is JD Williams’ main advertised phone number, which is 0871 231 2000.
  • Below, in the main section of the website, you will find listed an 0345 number. 0345 numbers are usually free to call from mobile phones, but you will have to check with your provider, if you haven’t already. Their mobile-friendly, local-rate phone number is 0345 071 9018
  • Alternatively, to contact JD Williams by phone you can also call
    0870 183 0651 at only 13p per minute plus access charge.


Postal address

At the end of October 2015 JD Williams became one of the first online retail companies in the UK to adopt the revolutionary InPost system of product delivery and return. This system utilises a series of locker depots located across the country, to which you can send your product if you are dissatisfied with it. All you have to do then is message JD Williams with a collection code and one of their couriers can go to the depot at their convenience to collect the item

This system cuts out many of the hassles associated with traditional parcel delivery systems. You will be instantly messaged when your parcel lands safely at the depot.

Should you wish to send a letter of complaint or comment to JD Williams then you can address it to their Customer service team at:

JD Williams,
Griffin House,
40 Lever Street,
M60 6ES,
United Kingdom.

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