Jeremy Kyle Show: 0843 504 3761

Contact ITV Viewer Services regarding The Jeremy Kyle Show by phoning this contact number: 0344 881 4150 (option 4). Additionally you could try calling the Manchester studios where they film the show by callingĀ 0843 504 3761.

Alternatively, you can email ITV Viewer Services on or write to Viewer Services, ITV, Gas Street, Birmingham, B1 2JT

Also try these human contacts at ITV:

phone: 0161 952 0782

phone: 0161 952 0747

phone: 0161 952 0741

Or try these webpages:


The Jeremy Kyle Show is one of Britain’s foremost daytime TV talk shows, broadcast on ITV. It has become famous for the cutting and pointed style of questioning used by the titular host.

Having broadcasted about 1700 editions as of mid-2013, Jeremy Kyle has himself become something of a daytime TV institution. His show is based around mediations between various (sometimes sordid) disputes between guests. In recent years the programme has sought to soften its image with ‘heartwarmers’ – items which seek to help the disadvantaged.

Despite criticism for perceived exploitation of the impoverished and disabled, the Jeremy Kyle Show continues to be a successful and ever-popular daytime TV staple.

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