Jobcentre Plus

All claimants to JSA/ESA in Britain can make their initial claim online, or by calling: 0800 055 6688. After this they will be dealt with by their local Jobcentre Plus.

Jobcentre Plus is the name behind the British government’s Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) employment services.

Originally the product of departmental merging in the early 2000s, Jobcentre Plus presently functions as a simple brand name for the DWP. Much of the government’s present efforts surround having the unemployed find and apply for work via its online service as part of the present benefits initiative; the ‘Universal Credit’.

With roots going back over a century, the modern Job Centre continues to be an important part of labour force organisation in Britain.


Telephone numbers

Should you choose to make your initial claim for JSA/ESA by telephone, rather than online, then call the following telephone number:

  • 0800 055 6688

When you make this claim you will need to tell the admin officer:

  • Your National Insurance Number
  • Your reason for claiming
  • Details of any existing benefit claims
  • The date from which you wish to claim ESA/JSA

Once your claim for ESA/JSA has been successfully processed, telephone contact should be with the local Jobcentre Plus to which you have been assigned.


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