John Lewis: 01698 54 54 54

Contact John Lewis on their UK customer service phone number 01698 54 54 54.

Got a question or need information about the clothing or home goods ranges at John Lewis?  Perhaps a problem or a request to return something? Call the company’s top notch customer service team on 01698 54 54 54 for a prompt resolution to your concern.

John Lewis is one of the UK’s oldest and most widely-recognised department stores, having been a prominent presence in British retail culture since the Victorian era.

Founded in the midst of the industrial revolution, the business at first functioned as one of the first city centre department outlets, mainly attracting well-off buyers. Under the helm of its founder’s son, John Spedan Lewis, the firm embraced the principles of worker’s rights and democratic participation in the operation of the company.

Today a staple of the modern retail culture, John Lewis attracts millions of customers both to its core storefront operations and its modern online website.

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