Justin Bieber

Unfortunately for fans we can’t provide Justin Bieber’s telephone number, but we do have the telephone number for his manager, Scooter Braun: +1 310 -859 – 9060*

*Note that this is an American telephone number, so the call charges will be significantly higher than for a UK number.

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer and actor who emerged to prominence thanks to being spotted for his singing efforts and performing presence on YouTube.

Since 2009 the pop star has been a staple on the US and European pop charts, with several songs and multiple albums frequently featuring. One of the first popular music acts to forge a massive online audience, Bieber today enjoys a devoted following of fans – named ‘Beliebers’ – dedicated to staying fans and unofficial promoters of his status as a pop music superstar.

Despite having a few run ins with the law, Justin Bieber remains one of the most enduringly popular and lucrative earners of all male solo acts in modern pop music.

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