Knowsley Council: 0843 504 7364

Contact Knowsley Council by phone on their customer service / general enquiries phone number 0843 504 7364 / 0151 489 6000.

Alternatively, email them on

For the full list of contact telephone numbers and their postal address, view the details on their official website here.

Knowsley Council is the local council responsible for governing the Knowsley area of Northwest England.

A historic borough with both a safari park and a business park, Knowsley counts among the most culturally and commercially rich districts in England. The local council, whilst keeping in step with such important amenities, is also dedicated to provisioning quality services such as bin collection, childcare, housing and road maintenance to local residents.

Frequently rated highly by national surveys for its tax collecting efficiency, Knowsley Council stands as one of the UK’s most modern and efficiently focused local authorities.

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