As an 0808 number Kobo’s telephone number is free to call from landline or mobile: 0808 1780268.

Kobo is a Canadian company most recognised globally as the producer of the Kobo e-reader device. The name of the company (and the product itself) is a simple anagram of the word ‘book’.

Emerging to a warm reception in 2010, the Kobo quickly expanded its range with various models. Much like its chief competitor the Kindle, the Kobo e-reader is divided between basic monochrome models and a more dynamic, tablet-based offering. The range has proven popular, having taken about a 20% share of the worldwide e-reader market.

Rivalling the Amazon Kindle and renowned for its extremely long battery life and straightforward functioning, the Kobo looks likely to be a leading competitor in the e-reader market for years to come.

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