In order to get the telephone number for the Kodak Customer support team their website requests that you fill in personal detail such as email address and contact telephone number. However, we have done this for you, so you can skip that step by calling: 0870 243 0270.

Kodak is a company specialising in cameras and photographic products aimed mostly at business clients but also with a strong record of mass consumption by the general public – especially in the UK.

Formerly, Kodak was synonymous with selling both cameras and camera film. However the digital revolution meant most film photography was in short order rendered obsolete. After years spent struggling Kodak filed for bankruptcy in 2012, only to emerge somewhat reinvented a year later having sold off or tapered down much of its traditional business.

Now provisioning its longstanding expertise to graphics and art firms worldwide, Kodak’s ongoing brand presence appears firm in spite of rapid technological change.

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