Kwik Fit

Kwikfit’s Customer service number is on an 0800 line and is, therefore, free to call from mobile phone or landline. Call: 0800 757677.

Kwik Fit is one of Britain’s most prominent nationwide garage chains, specialising in automotive parts, general car servicing, and MOT testing.

Founded in the early 1970s, Kwik Fit grew by stages by acquiring several smaller garage businesses in the UK and in Europe. Much of the company’s income is down to tyre sales, with a prominent growth areas being that of ostentatious modifications such as customized wheel rims. In recent years the company has expanded into car financing and insurance.

Famed across the UK for its ‘Kwik Fit Fitter’ advertising campaigns, the firm today stands as one of the foremost automotive companies trading in the UK and wider Europe.

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