Liverpool City Council: 0843 504 0510

Contact the council on 0843 504 0510 or 0151 233 3000. This is the main switchboard phone number for Liverpool City Council, suitable for all enquiries.

Liverpool City Council is the local governing authority overseeing the city of Liverpool. It has performed its functions, despite several restructurings since the 1800s.

Unique among city councils in that it personally owns and presides over the local Lifestyles health centres, Liverpool City Council presides over the essential public services vital to Liverpudlians. Among the more ambitious of local councils, the authority has been known for favouring new residential and commercial builds over presently existing structures.

Famed for its unique initiatives, ranging from colourful rubbish bins to a heavy employment of the Bananalamb art exhibit, Liverpool’s council remains a prominent part of Merseyside culture.

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