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Phone Liverpool Echo’s news desk on 0843 504 7233 or 0151 227 2000. Contact them on this number if you have a story to report or a reporter to contact.

Alternatively, phone the Editorial team on 0151 472 2507 to make a complaint or enquire about advertising in the newspaper.

The Liverpool Echo is the leading tabloid newspaper for the city of Liverpool plus its surrounding boroughs in Merseyside, Northwest England.

Founded in the 1870s, the newspaper was for many years a broadsheet costing a halfpenny. In the 1980s, a time when Liverpool was suffering much economic and social strife, the paper and its now-defunct sister publication The Daily Post, were re-launched as tabloids.

Despite steadily declining in circulation, the Liverpool Echo remains reasonably popular as well as emblematic of the local Merseyside culture.

Liverpool Echo - print and digital You can contact the Liverpool Echo news team during standard working hours on their main contact number: 0151 227 2000.

The Liverpool Echo is at the centre of Merseyside’s print journalism.

Having existed since the years of Liverpool’s ascendancy as a prosperous and influential port town, the newspaper has long since departed its broadsheet format and adopted a tabloid format.

Although circulation has been steadily declining in recent years, the Echo retains clout especially during match days featuring both the Liverpool and Everton football clubs.

In keeping with much of the offerings of its parent company Trinity Mirror, the paper publishes much of its day-to-day reportage and content online. Aspects of the newspaper remain important to local residents, most notably the columns for births and deaths and private listings of jobs, items and services.

In recent years the paper has been more occupied with covering matters of crime on Merseyside, while also reporting matters of local importance such as festival events, new civic developments, and of course the football for which Liverpool is so well-known. Music coverage, particularly of live concerts, also continues to form an important portion of the paper’s output.

Contact the Liverpool Echo news desk

  • Phone the Liverpool Echo news desk on 0843 504 7233 / 0151 227 2000.

  • Email the news desk on this email address:

  • Write a letter to the Liverpool Echo at this postal address:

    Liverpool Echo,
    PO Box 48,
    Old Hall Street,
    L69 3EB,
    United Kingdom.

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