Loan Zoo

Contact Loan Zoo’s expert customer service team by calling 01625 432 028. They’re on hand to give you information, help you lodge new loan applications or manage existing loan contracts. Assistance is also at hand for complaints you may have.

Loan Zoo

Loan Zoo is a British loan provider, furnishing those who sign up to its website loans for various large and small scale loans carrying various terms.

Priding itself on its rapid processing and resultant quick payouts, Loan Zoo has emerged as a lending house forging a compromise between traditional bank loans and fast interest accruing arrangements such as the loans sold by Wonga. The website offers an easily accessible interface, with two sliders for ‘amount’ and ‘repayment’ terms spelling clearly the terms of a given loan.

In the vanguard of personal finance in a time where traditional banks are extremely cautious as to those lent to, Loan Zoo has in a few short years emerged to profitability.

Money Advice Service

If you’ve tried calling Loan Zoo and are having no luck, try phoning the Money Advice Service – sponsored by the UK government – on 0843 504 3773.

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