Lowell Group

Contact Lowell Group by phone on 0843 506 9139, by email on post@lowellgroup.co.uk or by paper mail to Lowell Group, PO Box 164, Leeds, LS10 9EH

In spite of a poor reputation in the industry, the Lowell Group and its various subsidiaries continue to operate with success to this day.

Lowell Portfolio 1

Lowell Portfolio 1 (LP1) is part of the Lowell Group. The portfolio itself is charged with the responsibility of purchasing debts from larger businesses and high street banks.

For much of its existence the Portfolio, and the various arms of its parent Lowell Group, have been accused of mistakenly reviving already paid debts. Whilst some of the company’s operations are legitimate, many experienced with the firm mention never having had the debts in the first place. High pressure phone and mailing techniques are also reported.

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