M&S Bank Credit Card: 0345 900 0900

Phone the M&S Bank credit card customer service team on 0345 900 0900 or 01244 879 080 (dial +44 1244 879 080 from abroad) to make a complaint or enquiry, or to report a lost or stolen credit card.

Alternatively, call their freephone number 0800 997 996 to apply for a new M&S credit card today.

M&S Bank - sample credit card As well as the most commonly used contact numbers above, M&S Bank operates several other telephone helplines dedicated to resolving your enquiry as swiftly as possible. As an M&S Bank customer you can easily contact an appropriate representative of M&S Bank credit cards in the event of a lost or stolen card, fraudulent incident or any other complaint by dialing the most appropriate number below. Some of these numbers will put you in contact with the M&S Bank customer service team that deals with lost cards, while some of the other numbers will connect you to the Card Protection Plan (CPP) team who run the M&S Bank ‘Card Safe’ scheme.

Lost or Stolen Cards

If you have lost your M&S Bank credit card or had it stolen, then call 0345 900 0900 to report the circumstances by telephone. Alternatively you can call 01244 879 080 which puts you through to the same helpline.

For those who experience this misfortune when abroad the best number to contact M&S Bank on is: +44 1244 879 080 (for the cheapest calls with clearest audio quality).

All three of these customer service numbers are in operation 24/7 and will connect you with the M&S telephone banking team who will verify your identity by means of some security questions over the phone. Should you authorise them to do so, they will cancel your card immediately to avoid continued fraudulent transactions at your expense.

M&S Card Safe

An increasing number of M&S Bank customers are choosing to take out extra protection on their credit cards by opting into the M&S Card Safe scheme which provides insurance against lost or stolen cards. This service is run by a separate insurance company on behalf of M&S Bank and you should contact them directly on 0808 100 5565 if your card goes missing.

Callers in the UK can apply for Card Safe protection for their card by contacting Card Protection Plan Limited on 0800 085 0227, or
if outside the UK, phone them on +44 1904 541239 – both of these telephone numbers will put you through to a helpline that operates Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (UK time).

List of Contact Numbers

  • Credit Card Sales Team – phone: 0800 997 996
  • Customer Service, Complaints & Lost Cards (UK callers) – phone: 0800 997 996 or 01244 879 080
  • Customer Service, Complaints & Lost Cards (calling from abroad) – phone: +44 1244 879 080
  • Lost Cards, M&S Card Safe customers – phone: 0808 100 5565
  • Arrange M&S Card Safe for you card – phone: 0800 085 0227
  • Arrange M&S Card Safe for your card (calling from abroad) – phone: +44 1904 541 239

Customer Service & Complaints

If you would like to enquire about any of the services outlined above or wish to make a complaint about your experience with M&S Bank’s credit cards then call the M&S Bank general enquiries helpline on this number: 0345 900 0900.

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