Matalan: 0870 183 0635

Matalan’s Head Office can be contacted using the following telephone number: 0870 183 0635.¬†Alternatively you can phone them directly using their local Liverpool-registered number 0151 556 6000 which may be free of charge provided you use free inclusive minutes from your tariff to make the call.

Matalan is a British discount clothing megastore, offering a vast range of garments and accessories for both genders. From its humble origins in suburban retail parks, the firm has recently progressed into the realm of affordable fashion wear too.

Matalan’s founder John Hargreaves was inspired by the affordable, city outskirt based retail outlets he’d observed on travels to the USA. Founding Matalan on these principles, the company largely continues to follow this tried and true model: the modern firm is listed on the Stock Exchange, employs thousands of people, and has many sizeable branches throughout the UK.

Frequently pushing the boundaries in marrying up sustained quality and style with lasting affordability, Matalan today is popular and proud of its legacy in emphasizing value.

Contact Matalan by calling their Liverpool head office directly on 0151 556 6000 or call them by dialling 0870 183 0635, which is charged at 13p per minute plus a standard connection fee.

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