Maternity Allowance: 0345 608 8610

Call the government’s Maternity Allowance helpline on 0345 608 8610 – this is a mobile-friendly number, and when you call, an benefits advisor will be ready to answer your every question about claiming Maternity Allowance in the UK.

Maternity Allowance is a benefit provided in the UK for mothers who take time off work in order to give birth and look after their newborn baby.

Obviously a woman can’t hold down a normal job at the time of giving birth and caring for a baby, so the government has implemented rules regarding how companies should provide Maternity Leave, and also regarding how the government can directly compensate the new mother in the form of the Maternity Allowance benefit.

To find out more about Maternity Allowance, phone 0345 608 8610. This maternity allowance helpline is designed to assist new mothers and anyone who is trying to help them in claiming and maintaining a claim for this immensely useful benefit.

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