McAfee’s UK Office are available on the following landline telephone number: 01753 217500.

McAfee is the company behind the industry-leading antivirus and security programmes for computers, McAfee Antivirus. It was founded in 1987 by computer programmer, John McAfee.

Despite its founder’s resignation in 1994, the firm nevertheless retained its brand, becoming one of the most universally recognised and popular computer antivirus suites on offer to individuals and businesses. After acquiring numerous smaller brands in the market, McAfee was itself acquired by Intel in 2011.

The program in 2014 underwent a complete reprogramming and rebranding on the initiative of its parent firm: it is now known as Intel Security. It’s probably deemed importan for the company’s continued success to divorce from the name McAfee seen as John McAfee actively comments on how irritating the software that he once founded has now become.

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