Should you have an enquiry or comment regarding any of McDonald’s products or services, then you can contact them by telephone on: 08705 244622. As an alternative to the telephone numbers, above, you can also contact them on Twitter or Facebook.

McDonald’s is the world’s biggest fastfood franchise, employing millions of people across more than 35,000 different restaurant locations around the globe.

Selling its food to an estimated 68 million customers in any given day, McDonald’s is perhaps one of the most universally recognised companies on Earth. Over the years the firm has suffered a number of PR disasters, such as the much-publicised McLibel case in the 1990s. However in spite of this, the company continues to modernise and innovate with great success.

In recent years expanding to a healthier range, the modern firm’s total yearly revenues of $28 billion reflect its steady dominance in the rapidly growing markets of the developing world.

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