Merlin Loans

Merlin Loans are currently under investigation by the Financial Conduct Authority. There is not a telephone number  to speak to a member of this company.

Merlin Loans is a moneylender, employing several creditors which have each been screened and approved by the British Office of Fair Trading.

Crafting loans for all manner of customers, the firm has since its inception used largely technological means in order to source the best loans possible for each separate customer. Thanks to the all-embracing attitude the company takes with regards to money lending, Merlin’s website has become overwhelmingly popular.

Doing a swift trade in a climate where traditional lenders such as banks are selective as to whom they lend to, Merlin Loans success as a loan finder and arranger looks set to continue.


Merlin Loans seems to be no longer in operation. You can find it’s former manager and owner on LinkedIn:

Money Advice Service

If you’re struggling to contact Merlin Loans via the LinkedIn accounts above, and generally need advice regarding your dealings with Merlin Loans, other loan companies or handling your debts, call the government-sponsored Money Advice Service helpline on their mobile-friendly helpline number 0300 500 5000.

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